Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kangaroo Court

Short post today. Just wanted to share this fantastic article on the Yankee Kangaroo Court held yesterday.

It seems that the injured Xavier Nady is the brains behind this operation. He noted every player lapse over a six-week period, no matter how minor, and yesterday the culprits went on trial. Mariano Rivera was the judge, Burnett, Jeter, and Damon were jury, Nady was stenographer, and each defendant had to plead his case in front of the tribunal before Mo levied a fine.

Some of the infractions:

*Phil Coke lost 30 dollars for shooting his hand in the air (indicating a routine pop fly) after Joe Mauer's home run drive Friday.

*Swisher got hit for 20 dollars for doing a shirtless interview in Detroit.

*A-Rod was fined for being late to the season.

"Mo was quite tough on some people," manager Joe Girardi said.

For the first time in a long while, the Yanks really seem to be having fun. I'm not going to go overboard and say that the light-hearted atmosphere is leading directly to wins, but I do think the addition of guys like Swisher and AJ has brought out the goofball in everyone, and that kind of looseness can pay dividends. The layout of the new stadium apparently gives the players some distance from the media, which has also led to a more laid back environment, and credit where it's due: Girardi seems to be actively fostering a relaxed, supportive climate for his guys.

Meanwhile, that's 8 straight wins and counting for the Bombers. You can't argue with the results. Starting with the walk-off win Friday, this has been the best week to be a Yankee fan in years. Winning is one thing, but winning with spirit and a sense of play is the really good stuff.

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