Monday, October 26, 2009


Classic. Big Game Andy delivers. Robbie Cano (don't ya know?) locks in. Swishalicious doesn't kill us. Postseason Mo stamps his name. A-Rod continues the dream. What a game 6. What a team. What a pennant.


We are not the Colorado Rockies. We are not the Los Angeles Dodgers. And we sure as shit ain't the Tampa Bay Rays. The Commissioner's Trophy has been wandering for nine years, away from its rightful home. Get ready for a real World Series. Get ready for a fight. Get ready to enter the hostile confines of a slaughterhouse. These are the New York Yankees. I hope you understand the gravity of the trial you're about to endure. You're in a tunnel, and the bright light of history is barreling down. Be humbled. Be afraid.

The Ghosts Have Crossed The Street.

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