Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Robinson Crush-oe

That was sort of a pun on both Robinson Cano and Robinson Crusoe, which is a seriously high-caliber headline pun. And it's the least I can do after my favorite player just won the best Home Run Derby in world history.

That photo shows Cano just after he bashed the winning home to run to beat Adrian Gonzalez in the last round. A second later, he stretched both arms out to the side like a baseball Jesus icon, and was lifted into the air by Russell Martin and David Robertson. I can't find a photo of him by himself with both arms outstretched yet, but if I do, I'm getting it tattooed on my stomach and forehead (that's two separate tattoos, not a weird interrupted one). Here's one from the aftermath, but they caught it a little too late. Ditto for this one and this one. If anybody can help me find that photo, I'll do you some favor that you can't even imagine.

I can usually take or leave the derby, but last night was special. And as I said on twitter, the best part of the whole thing was that everyone got to see what a great guy Cano is. I mean, after he tied Gonzalez in the last round, he actually walked to the mound, hugged his dad (a former Astro who was pitching to Cano), and said, "I love you, dad." Who else would do that?

Okay, I just found this:

Without the obnoxious "swag," that would be pretty great.

In other news, Sunday's Women's World Cup match against Brazil was phenomenal. I actually watched the whole thing, and I doubt I'll ever see a more unlikely goal in my life.

Wednesday, they take on France, which is nice because typically the Wednesday of the All-Star Break is the one day of the year where absolutely nothing is happening in the world of sports. Along with the Monday, it's one of only two days where no professional sports are played, and Monday has the derby.

Another Grantland weekend recap thing went up yesterday, and I might have a story soon about pro wrestling, of all things. Or I might not. We shall see.

82nd All-Star game tonight. Let's go AL! Also, my girlfriend is coming home after a 10-day vacation. Prior to that, I was gone for about 10 days myself on a trip to upstate New York. We got to see each other for like half a day in between, so it's basically been three weeks since we've lived together. And if I've learned one thing in that time, it's that I'm barely capable of maintaining a non-horrifying life by myself. Thank God this little experiment is about to end.


  1. Hope your girlfriend likes baseball. Going on a date to a bar to watch the all-star game after a three-week absence would likely get me dumped.

    By the way, David Ortiz has to get some credit for picking ringers for the Derby. Granted, Bautista didnt do much, and Papi was only so-so, but Gonzo and Cano could have beat the NL by themselves. Definitely one of the more entertaining derbies Ive seen, and that doesnt even include the guy making the catch and going into the pool, the 10-year-old with the sick diving catch, or the guy who nearly plummeted 30 feet while going after his 4th home run.

  2. Spot-on post, and comment by Craig. From my FB post immediately after - bears reprinting:

    "Congrats Robbie Cano. Seriously, what major leaguer brings his Dad to pitch to him in the Home Run Derby? And takes some well deserved discipline and scolding from said Dad during the contest? And then proceeds to win in record-setting fashion? Robbie, you endeared yourself to every father of a ballplayer anywhere tonight.

    Icing on the cake? That sweet, sweet swing of yours was most likely taught to you by the guy pitching to you tonight. Thanks, kid, you done good, and that's coming from a Red Sox/A-Gone fan."

  3. Nice, san fran. What was the discipline/scolding? I missed that part.

    Craig, the pool guy is a legend. And thank God the other dude didn't fall.


  4. I glad Robbie won, although not surprised since I saw him in BP just a few weeks ago cranking out long balls.
    As for the actual game tonight, good lord was the awful. I feel as though those were the sort of players that serve as the baseline for WAR and yet there they are in the All Star game. I'm sorry but I really don't want to see Pablo Sandoval's 29 RBIs (and yes I know he got one in the game) or someone like Matt Joyce hitting in the 9th for the American League All Star team. This was perhaps the least emotionally invested I've ever been in the All Star Game.

  5. Shane, the scolding was lovely. Robbie took a perfect one and immediately flinched. Dad gave him the wtf look, and Robbie gave Dad the "oops/wince." Then he crushed the identical next pitch and grinned at Dad (the "sorry I made you throw an extra pitch, Dad" happy face).

    The discipline was the walking toward each other with the single finger up and the serious face as Dad mouthed a couple times "one more, one more." If he didn't say the words "focus now!" it was still written all over his face and body language. Then the meet, hug and "I love you Dad," before Robbie returns to the box, Dad to the mound, for that "one more." This will figure prominently in the eventual "The Robbie Cano Story" film.

  6. BTW Shane, forget the victory arms... the slow motion replay of Robbie settling onto his back leg and watching the flight of ball while making absolutely no balance correction, after having just exploded a piece of torque at the limit of human mechanics, is your takeaway from that last homer. That may be the most perfect swing ever from the guy with the most perfect swing in the game.

    Stephen spent the next 15 minutes trying to explode and settle, and only at the end was he able to replicate (w/o a bat!). I think he became an even better hitter last night, courtesy of Robbie.

    Now if RC just played for a team I liked...

  7. CanĂ³ had a rough first half to his defensive season. By July, he had committed twice as many errors as he had in his entire Gold Glove-winning 2010 season, in which he had three, I think that this is really good, I would like to read more about it !