Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Now is not the time to not keep with winning, okay please?

Another loss to the Angels, another day with no playoff berth.

I must confess, I did not watch a single pitch of last night's game. Ole Somnolent Sam, they call me. Here's an hour by hour diary of my thought process from yesterday:

8am: I want to go back to sleep.

9am-6pm: This is a big Yankee game. I will stay up for the 10pm start time and watch the entire game. I am a big fan.

7pm: I will watch a good portion of tonight's game. I spent the weekend traveling and am still a bit under the weather, so if the outcome isn't in doubt after six innings, I can go to bed a little early.

8pm: 10pm is so late for a start time. I'm dead tired, and it's more important that I get rest for the upcoming week. I'll catch the first three innings or so.

9pm: It is difficult to keep my eyes open, here in my darkened bedroom.

10pm: Behold, ye profligates! The Pachyderm Kingdom has chosen for its new sovereign an Olliphant Warrior with the permed hair of my elementary school librarian and the face of Ross from the hit show "Friends." I will be towed on a ruby-red toboggan in the wake of its imperial march! Through the Elysian hinterlands we shall do battle with the Duplicitous Pencil Squirrels, hoarders of the Golden Obama Tokens! We shall pray for Invisible Snowflakes, glory glory terror naked tears confusion all collapse in soundless giggles and plaintive cries for mother figure.

Anywhoo, 5-2 was the final score. Andy looked okay, lasting six innings and conceding 3 runs, which is really the most anybody should expect against a strong line-up like the Angels. But Saunders put the kibosh on our bats, dealing into the ninth for an impressive win. Cano and Teixeira grounded into unfortunate double plays, and we left 5 men on base. Both runs came via the long ball, courtesy of A-Rod and Matsui.

Lucky for us, Boston lost too. Thanks for the comeback, Kansas City.

So, here's how it looks with 11 games left- we're 4 losses ahead of both Boston in AL East divisional race and LA for homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. That's the good news. The bad news is that we have five games left against those two teams, so the lead is far from safe.

Texas won, by the way, so our magic number for a playoff spot is still 1 game. The champagne stays on ice. We should be fine, though, because Chad Gaudin is starting tonight.

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