Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Scrubs Win! Scrubs Win!

Yanks trotted out the Triple-A squad last night, and still beat the KC Royals 8-2. Sweet Robbie, one of only three regular Yanks in the starting lineup (Melky and Posada were the others) hit a grand slam in the seventh to cap off the fireworks. It was only the second grand slam of the year for the Yanks. Trivia: who hit the other? The answer is really obvious. Think big-time sluggers, guys known for pure power...

Jose Molina (.211/.287/.258). Further trivia: has Jose Molina hit any home runs besides the one grand slam? Hint: the answer doesn't rhyme with 'yes.'

For posterity, here was last night's lineup:

CF Brett Gardner
LF Melky Cabrera
2B Robinson Cano
DH Jorge Posada
3B Eric Hinske
RF Shelly Duncan
1B Juan Miranda
C Francisco Cervelli
SS Ramiro Pena
P Chad Gaudin

And the young guns did pretty damn well. This game was actually fun to watch (admission: only caught five innings), and you have to love Yankee fans...even after knowing the line-up, 43,000+ stuck around through two hours of a rain delay to watch the game. On a Tuesday. Only the rich people left.

The night's best highlight was Ramiro Pena getting his first big league home run. As per tradition, the dugout gave him the silent treatment when he came back in. Only Girardi broke character and gave him a high five at the steps ("I couldn't do it, I was excited for him."), but the rest stared straight ahead and didn't crack a smile. It lasted about ten seconds before Jorge clapped, and then the team mobbed him. You can see part of the video in the game recap. Cool stuff.

I'll be heading up to the Bronx tonight to see AJ's last regular season start. Hopefully Joe puts some of the big guns back in. If not, I'd like to see an even more scattershot lineup. Maybe something like this:

CF Michael Kay (Yankee tv announcer)
SS George Steinbrenner (golf cart allowed)
LF An authentic seat from the old Yankee Stadium
C Mayor Bloomberg
1B Mark Teixeira's wife Leigh
DH Eli Manning, in football gear, screaming "Omaha! Omaha!"
2B Robinson Cano (I'm a pretty big fan)
RF Hideki Irabu (golf cart allowed)
3B Foxy sideline reporter Kim Jones
P Nick Swisher


Kate Hudson
Three different matador costumes
A tub of peanut butter

Don't ask, please.

Either way, I'll be happy to see the Yanks one last time in '09. Hopefully AJ gets a win, ties Johan Santana with 13 on the year, and I don't have to pay the mailman 20 bucks. Updates tomorrow, and here's a high school era song I just remembered on the subway this morning. Any song whose first line is "what's the matter with the human race?" has to be awesome.

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