Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Hate the Jets, and Other Ideas

Hey folks, sorry about the delayed post today. Blogger the website was not working at my work computer today, and I couldn't find an alternative. I hope this is not indicative of a long-term trend. Here's today's post, as composed at 9am this morning.

Here we go, Wednesday. I'm ready for a body shot.

*My cousin Justin e-mailed yesterday to marvel at the state of his life. He's a Jets fan, and a Republican, so it's a pretty good week to walk in his shoes. We'll focus on the football. My talking point throughout this whole Jets run is that I support them, I root for them, they're a New York team, blah ba-blah ba-blah. But forget it, I'm done. I hate the Jets. Here was my response to Justin:

I'm so friggin' jealous of this Jets run. I know I shouldn't be, because we had our moment two years ago, but everything about this run is awesome. Rex is a great personality, the team is exciting, Revis is the best player alive, Sanchez is likeable in an A-Rod type way, and Greene is a gamer too. Everywhere I look, Jets Jets Jets. You're the toast of the town. It's even set up to be an epic story this weekend: Colts lay down in week 16, and get knocked out by the team they waved into the playoffs. I'm rooting for the JETS because I like their style, but a hidden, resentful part of me wants them to lose by about 50 to the Colts.

Since writing that e-mail last night, my philosophy has evolved. I hate them. I've looked deep into my soul and discovered that I can't be happy for another New York team succeeding. As I've said before, there's really no rivalry between the Jets and Giants, and certainly nothing comparing to the state of Yankees-Mets these days. That's why I tipped my cap to them originally. Great, good for you Jets. Make your run. We'll all have a little fun, you'll win a game, maybe two, and next year we'll go back to the status quo.

But I did not foresee this. Like I said to Justin, everything about this team is likeable. It's becoming an amazing story, and I can't handle it. The effect in NYC if they beat the Colts would be calamitous. Jets fans would be spawned in every nook and cranny. Green and White as far as the eye can see. They need to lose this weekend. It needs to happen. Sorry, Jets fans. I truly am. I wish I had it in me to root for you, but I'm a Giants fan. I don't want to put up with your success. I'm a selfish individual who would rather watch a neutral third party take the Lombardi Trophy. May you lose in a blow-out this Sunday.

*Duke at NC State tonight. Like all ACC road games this year, it won't be easy. The Wolfpack have had some tough times at home this year, losing to Clemson by 3, to UVA by 8, and to Florida in OT. But to me, that only means the whole student body will be even more pumped than usual for our arrival. It's a great test leading up to this Saturday's visit to Clemson, which promises to be an absolutely miserable experience. I only give us about a 50% chance of winning that game, but it will also be an opportunity to take a huge leap; winning in hostile environments is a must. If nothing else, it builds team character and confidence. But let's be honest: some of the NCAA venues are basically road games. 1/4th of the crowd will be Duke fans, 1/4th will root for the other team, and the rest will be rooting for the underdog, which is never Duke. We need to become road warriors. Tonight is a great stepping stone opportunity.

*Rafa is through to the third round! He took down someone from Croatia in easy straight sets. There are tough matches ahead, but as of now he looks to be on a collision course with Andy Murray. The two will meet in the quarters if all goes right, and that will be the first time I set my alarm for about 3am. Oh, had to be special, didn't you? Had to have weird times for tennis matches. Weird times for summer. Weird toilet flushing. There's always something to prove with those Aussies. They always have to be different.

*Georgia Tech beats Clemson by 2 at home. Impressive showing by Clemson, actually. They're showing with each game that the blow-out at Duke was an aberration. But that's three quality wins for Tech, who have to be considered the second best team in the ACC now. They've taken down Duke, Carolina, and now Clemson, the three other ranked teams, but they've lost to UVA and FSU, both unranked. Peculiar team, those Yellow Jackets. They come to Cameron on February 4th, which will be the first big test of the Perfection Proclamation (see yesterday's post).

*UNC vs. Wake tonight. If the Heels lose, they'll drop from the top 25 for the first time in who knows how long. I won't call it a "must-win," but they've dropped two in a row, and at a certain point it won't make any sense to think of them as an elite ACC squad. They've got something to prove. So does Wake. Should be fun.

That'll do for now. Good on yer.

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