Friday, November 20, 2009


Sorry fellas and ladies, came in late to work today due to a little of the old belly sick, and now I'm swamped and have no time to write. So, quickly:

*I have seen the enemy, and they are good. At least while I'm there. UNC beat Ohio St. by 4 at Madison Square Garden, but they looked like the dominant team for three quarters of the game. The Heels were up 16 with 10:35 left, and that's when I took off. Then Ohio St. came roaring back and got within 2, apparently.

But anyway, I thought UNC looked pretty solid and poised. Syracuse decimated Cal in the early game, and that was probably a bit more fun to watch. Tonight at 7, Cuse and UNC play in the championship (it's the Coaches vs. Cancer Classic, by the dubs)...should be a very good game. I won't see it, because I'll be watching my hero's newest movie, The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

*That's honestly all I can write today. Believe me, I know this is not cool. I'm already chastened.

Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS to a dude up north the papers call Special K for making the varsity squad as a freshman. You know who you are, homes! He and his older brother will be burning a trail through the Champlain Valley this winter. Believe me, it won't be pretty; if you thought Sherman was bad, close your eyes and ears for about four months.

It's a football weekend. Giants beat Atlanta 24-13.

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