Friday, February 19, 2010

Weekend Look-Out: BEAT CANADA

(Note: Seth Curry Saves Duke! is expanding due to the economic rebound, and will now be posting several times a day. This is one such 'extra' post. The longer morning posts will still exist, and will now be labeled "Morning." You can find today's morning post below.)

(I promise I will stop posting this message at some point. Probably late next week.)

About to sign off for the weekend, but not before drawing your attention to:


Or, in pictures:



(this had to be starting within five minutes of the Duke - V. Tech game, didn't it? F*@#!)

My girlfriend went to college in Canada, so a large amount of her facebook friends are Canadians. My latest immature caper is to get on her facebook and post negative messages about Team Canada. I try to make them as lame as possible in a sort of aggressive way. Yesterday I guaranteed a Swiss victory (Canada beat them 3-2) and the day before that I said that Sid Crosby was the greatest hockey coward since Wayne Gretzky.

Does screwing with strangers just for my private amusement make me sort of pathetic? Hard to say.*

*Resounding yes.

The responses have been fun, though. And I love the absurdity of people responding either with vitriol or agreement to my girlfriend, who knows the bare minimum about sports. So look for that to continue, especially with Canada-USA on the horizon. I'll try to post some of the more amusing responses next week. Have a nice couple days.

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