Thursday, February 18, 2010

Zombie Singler

(Note: Seth Curry Saves Duke! is expanding due to the economic rebound, and will now be posting several times a day. This is one such 'extra' post. The first ever, in fact. The longer morning posts will still exist, and will now be labeled "Morning." You can find today's morning post below.)

Conversation I just heard on the street between two older men, talking about a younger woman.

Man 1: Can we agree that she didn't compromise on looks? If anything, he's too good looking!

Man 2: He's not bad...

(long, meaningful pause)

Man 2: Okay! She didn't compromise on looks.

Another dude who doesn't compromise on looks? Kyle Singler:

How could I have forgotten to mention how badass he looked last night with that black eye? I told my girlfriend he looked tough, but she maintains that a pale white kid can't really look tough. "He looks like he had the crap beaten out of him," she said.

Thanks to reader Nick for the picture, and for his theory on Zombie Singler, which I run below in full:

"Kyle Singler died earlier this season, possibly at the hands of a K irate over too many ill advised three point attempts. The person on the floor you saw last night recently emerged from under the Earth (thus creating his nickname), and is known as Zombie Kyle Singler. You may not notice on regular tv, but the picture from this article clearly shows a member of the Undead."

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