Friday, April 15, 2011

Someday, We're All Gonna Pie: Game 11

Or here, if you like quality and don't want to see some guy's trophy collection.

I've got an early morning obligation today, so I'll be quick this morning and add more around 11am, but here are the basics:

*Hughes was a disaster again.

As you can see from his velocity chart, his fastball didn't get past 91, and his cutter didn't cut, fooling the PitchFx tool into thinking his cutter was actually a slow fastball. It also seems like he's lost some confidence in his curve (best pitch) and change.

*The bullpen, especially game MVP Bartolo Colon, kicked ass.

*Down 5-4 in the ninth, Jorge wasted no time tying the game against Orioles closer Kevin Gregg.

*A-Rod continues to be the best player in baseball.

*Cano is hitting the hell out of the ball too.

*Joba looked amazing and touched 96mph on the gun. Mariano's ERA is still 0.00 after 6 appearances.

More later...

AND I'M BACK. It's almost noon and I don't have a ton to add. Here's the fairness factor plot:

It was a good day for the Yanks, who were +4 in favorable calls. That brings us to -8 on the year, and only -2 at home.

On a down note, the Gardner bench watch is now on full alert. His unbelievably awful .157/.227/.225 line is among the 10 worst in baseball. Hurray for his speed, and all that, but that's a bit like having a fast motorboat in the middle of a desert.

Jeter isn't faring much better, unfortunately. He's secure since he's Jeter and we don't really have another shortstop, but his numbers are only marginally better than Gardner's. He's leading baseball right now with a 78.9% ground ball rate, and most of them aren't hit hard enough to find holes. (Interesting, Joe Mauer is second in that category in the midst of a bad beginning by any standard and a terrible one by his own.)

It's Harrison vs. Nova tonight as the Rangers come into town with the best record in the American League. Don't know about you, but I haven't forgotten last season. Let's hope Ivan brings it tonight. If he doesn't, we have to rely on Freddy Garcia tomorrow before CC comes back on Sunday. If we want to win this series, tonight's game is a must-win.

See you Monday.

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