Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Yankee Blog Naming Contest

The skeleton crew is even more skeletal than usual today. Lots of work plus Yankee off day = lame post.

As I mentioned yesterday, this blog will be splitting in the near future into a Duke blog with the same name and a Yankee blog with a different name.

Today we will get closer to deciding that name. Here's what people tossed out yesterday:

The Pinstripe
The Yankee Yodeler
Robinson Cano Saves The Yankees
Sweet Robbie Saves The Yankees
The Blog That Ruth Built
The Robinson Ca-Know-It-All Report
The Yankee Bandits

If you want to endorse one of those, that's cool. If you want to suggest another, that's cooler. I'm partial to names that include 'Yankee' in the title, and also ones that are somewhat evocative. One of my favorite blog names ever was 'The USS Mariner.' Everybody was on the ship! But these guidelines can be broken if you've got something awesome.

Winner gets a slice of internet fame and possibly sweet prizes down the line.

Yanks-Jays tonight, with Burnett facing his old club on the turf. Toronto has turned into one of those teams I hate in a kind of surprising way. It's mostly Jose Bautista's fault. Wrap-up tomorrow.

A couple days ago, in a Business Reporting class, we had a mock press conference with a Public Relations class. Each of us represented a different publication, and mine was the New York Post. The PR class adopted a company. We faced the 'Apple' PR contingent, and their big announcement was that Steve Jobs had died in a motorcycle accident. We had to write an article after it was over, but I remembered from my NYC days that the big draw of the Post was the cover. So I spent most of my time on that instead:

I got an 85 on the assignment.


  1. I know you're a big fan of irony (or satire, or some such), so I'll respectfully propose:

    "The Choke's on Us" - ripped from the Post's own headline the morning after Game 7, '04 ALCS - incredible pic of Jeter and Arod as well.

  2. Jacob "The Destoryer"April 19, 2011 at 10:17 AM

    The Blog that George Built

  3. oops, it was the Daily News, 21 Oct 04.

    But I really like "The Blog that George Built"

  4. Love the cover Shane. Especially the Apple Juice headline. As for blog names, of the above mentioned I like either The Blog That Ruth Built or
    The Robinson Ca-Know-It-All Report.

  5. "And Called it Ma-Cano-ni"


  6. I may be in the minority here but I say stick with your MO and go with "Robinson Cano saves the Yankees." It gives you an instant way to ID yourself without having to say your name.


  7. It's too bad the motorcycle accident didn't end with an enormous Hollywood explosion. Because then your headline could have been "Jobs Well Done".

    That would have gotten you a 90, at least.

  8. Anon, I love it.

    TMD, that's not a bad idea. I'm really loving these suggestions so far. To the two guys that sent me suggestions via e-mail, if you're reading this: I remember really digging what you guys said, but I accidentally deleted your e-mails! If you could re-send, that would be awesome.


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