Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Hated Maryland Terrapins

I will write more later, perhaps much more, but for now let's do Hot Potato. The HP for Duke-Maryland is...

Young Threezy

(In case anyone is curious, this is a simple game where people pick the points scored by a given player chosen by me before a Duke game. The difference between their pick and the actual points scored is their total for the day. Low score is better. If anyone misses a game, they get the average score of that game plus 3. If anyone hits the nail on the head, they get a -3 bonus. People can join at any time since we use an average rather than a total. You can view the current standings here.)

If you already made your pick in Friday's post, we got you. If not, fire away in the comments.

Here's something to piss you off:

And here's something to get you fired up, from the next possession:

I hate Maryland. Let's go Duke!!


  1. im in for 14.


  2. 9 points for Baby Dawk

  3. Tom says 15, and I'm going with Dawkins on fire for 18.


  4. 15. So Saith John.

  5. A Maryland Haiku:

    I hate the Turtles.
    Seven for Dawkins tonight.
    Sweat Gary Sweat! DUKE!

  6. Don't forget to grab the predictions from yesterday, where I picked "D'agger Beast Dre" for 9!