Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sick Day #2, always the better sick day

No work for me again today, so damned if all your change ain't gonna be short, feel me?

The basics: it's 1:21am, I'm about to go to sleep. The Yanks beat the Nats, but somehow didn't score 300 runs. CC looked swell. What else?

According to the Old Gray Lady, Yankee fans outnumber Met fans in NYC by 9 percentage points.

How about this: I've written some essays for McSweeney's Internet Tendency, a sort of "literary humor" website, and two of them are sports related. Those will be the remainder of today's filler, and tomorrow (Thursday) I'm back at work and back in the blog saddle, whipping the hell out of the blog horse until it gets so run down they have to shoot it with the blog gun.

Famous Authors Predict the Outcome of Super Bowl XLII (The one between the Pats and Giants)

Recovered Scenes From the Tragedy Plaxico By William Shakespeare

Here's a picture of a Doric column just sort of floating. See you Thursday.

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