Thursday, July 22, 2010

Calling All North Carolina Readers! SOS!

I found out today that despite having the YES Network in Chapel Hill, I may not get to see Yankee games.

The Gist: YES carries most New York Yankee games live. However, they don't have game broadcasting rights outside their assigned 'region,' which is New York, Connecticut, and northern New Jersey. Somehow, Chapel Hill is in the Baltimore Orioles' region, and therefore YES can't broadcast games that would compete with them. It would seem that I just spent extra money for zilch...because 'zilch' perfectly describes my interest in the rest of YES' programming.

HOWEVER: I've heard some unverified chatter around the internet that because Chapel Hill is so far from Baltimore, they might show games there. I've specifically heard that the YES network televises games in Charlotte.

So: If anyone in Chapel Hill or Durham or Raleigh has the YES network (if you have DirectTV, for instance, I think it comes with it), it would be a solid favor if you checked the game tonight to see if it's broadcast live.

Anyone who helps will become an official "Friend of the Blog." This status earns you a pin, and is easily good for 2-3 bonus sexual encounters with an attractive member of the opposite sex each year.

This was me when I heard the news:

Crapola. Back tomorrow with Derek Jeter and Pete Rose comparisons. PS, did you know 'Jeter' means 'to throw' in French? WEIRD!


  1. Dude, P2P streaming is where it's at! I live in heart of Red Sox Nation and watch NY Yankees every night!

  2. That is a good point. Do you hook up a laptop to your tv?

  3. Not sure about YES, but since you'll be out of market, you can use MLB.TV to stream games to your computer. If you can hook up a computer to your TV, or if you have a Playstation 3/Roku/Boxee, you can also use your MLB.TV subscription to watch on the TV. I think you can also use it to watch on iphone/ipad. So it's a solid out-of-market option, assuming the quality isn't horrible.

    I'm thinking about trying it out a month (I'm an A's fan on the East Coast). Even if quality isn't great, it's better than no games at all.

  4. Yeah, it looks like MLBTV or the Extra Innings Package are our only options. I'm currently debating between the two...Extra Innings is more expensive, but I've heard the MLBTV feed can be kinda choppy. Extra Innings is offering a half-year thing for 139 now, might just go with that.