Friday, July 16, 2010

Weekend Weekend Weekend x 10^8

With this job winding to a close, you'd think time would speed up. You'd think during the most tedious moments, I could just say "hey, I'm out of here in two weeks." But you would be wrong. For whatever reason, time trickles rather than pours. Every voice, every task, and every view of sludge gray carpet is like molasses poured into the clock. Why won't it move?!

It's also sad when the best moment of your day comes early in the morning. When I woke up, my girlfriend started nagging me that I hadn't yet packed for our weekend trip. She was still groggy, and we had this conversation:

Me: Hey, I'm gonna pack. I can pack in a heartbeat.
Her: You have to.
Me: I'm a great packer. You know what they call me?
Her: A lot of things, and it's never what you want to hear.

That cracked me up for like five minutes. So yes, the best part of the day came at about 6:30, and involved being insulted by my girlfriend.

(For the record, the answer to my rhetorical question was going to be "pack-man.")

This weekend, then, is sweet relief. This was also the first week in some time where I haven't taken a vacation day or pretended to be sick, so it dragged more than usual. A full 5-day work week was like a bad memory, but now I remember that's it al too real. But a weekend is an occasion for joy, so let's check out the joy docket:

1) Yankee baseball!

It's been like 2-3 months since the Yankees played a baseball game, and man do I miss them. Or maybe it's only been four days. In any case, there have been a lot of long nights strung together, pretending I know what to do with myself. Those frightening times are over, the Yanks are back, and they better hit the ground running. The Rays are at the stadium tonight, and they'll be facing CC. Ursa Major is on the lookout for his 13th win, and a good outing will push his ERA beneath 3 for the first time all year.

A strong series against the Rays could set the tone for the second half. I think the Yanks are the best team in the AL East, and the division should be ours as long as the injury bugs stays in Boston and away from the Bronx. Tonight would be a good time to initiate the domination. CC has been red-hot lately, so I'm not worried. AJ pitches tomorrow, and that's certainly a wild card. The best match-up is Price-Pettitte on Sunday. Maybe I'm crazy, but I'm feeling a sweep.

The only other big Yankee news is that nobody showed up for Bob Sheppard's funeral. A lot of the newer Yankees never knew him, but it would've been nice to seem of the old guys stop by, especially Jeter. The captain insists that Sheppard's voice announces his every at-bat, but I guess he couldn't make his funeral. Too bad.

Last, here's an article about Hal Steinbrenner. He's the guy that's been running the team for years now, but I think ESPN is running with the angle that he'll now be thrust upon the big stage.

2) British Open Golf

The wind is just atrocious in Scotland right now, and a South African named Oosthuizen is in the lead. He had the good fortune of finishing his round early, before the bad weather began. But those who teed off in the afternoon are dropping like flies, and Oosty, as I'll be calling him, has a 5-shot lead that could grow even larger by the end of the day.

Sadly, I think I'll have to miss most of this tourney due to car travel. It's my favorite major to watch, even more than Augusta, but it finishes earlier than the others. Maybe it'll rain, or something, and they'll have to finish on Monday. That would be fine with me.

3) Carolina Football

What's gonna happen? Sanctions? Player suspensions? Dissolving the program? Nothing?

UNC can still play, but they can only kick field goals on offense?

They have to wear their helmets backward?

Margaret Thatcher has to be their coach?

Margaret Thatcher has to be their quarterback?

Margaret Thatcher has to be their cheerleader?

We could know more by Monday...and that's it for me. Have a great weekend.

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