Monday, July 19, 2010

Future Planning

Some quick things:

*When I get down to Carolina, I plan to attend a football game every weekend. Or nearly ever weekend. Expect a tiny transition into Duke and Carolina football when September rolls around. It won't overshadow the Yanks, but it's something new.

*Also expect a ton of content from the Durham Bulls, the Triple-A affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays and the defending Triple-A National Champions.

Just kidding.

*Get primed: if you ever wanted a college version of the fun-and-gun Phoenix Suns teams led by Steve Nash and D'Antoni, look no further than this year's Blue Devils. With a starting lineup featuring freshman phenom Kyrie Irving, Seth Curry, Nolan Smith, Kyle Singler, and one of the Plumlees, this crew will be fast, furious, and dynamic. I know it's early, but I cannot wait to watch these guys blow teams off the court. Make no mistake: the 2010-11 team will be more talented than their immediate predecessor.

Paradoxically, their title hopes are actually a bit lower than last year's team. As far as I can tell, they lack the Zoubekian/Thomasian inside presence, an earthy, thuggish element that tethers a team to reality and attends to the dirty business that national championships demand. But I've decided not to worry about that until March comes. From now until the end of the regular season, I'm going to kick back and enjoy the style.

Remember how last year's team had the "Goodfellas" theme to their poster? It ended up being pretty appropriate, considering the unsentimenal, rough methods that took them to the top. But this year's team is more ethereal, more free-flowing, and less entrenched. Less fatalistic. I'm thinking maybe "Chariots of Fire"...bunch of Duke dudes running in blue unis on a beach, real small in the upper left corner. Remote. Artistic. Elemental.

I started to get moved just thinking about it, and then I remembered the Chariots of Fire theme song, and now I'm weeping. Guarantee: you will only be able to watch the 2010-11 Blue Devils in slow motion.

I gotta go wipe off some tears, y'all.


  1. ahhh, I love the aristocratic hurdler and the American sprinter from Breaking Away (best sports movie ever)

  2. Breaking Away is another amazing sports movie from that era. Same actor, too. Cutter! Those two and Slapshot are really one hell of an old-school trifecta.