Monday, July 26, 2010

A Thousand for Robbie

Good morning. Just a quick note that during this week, I'll be training my replacement at work (poor bastard), and won't have quite the same access to the quality computer alone time that produces the splendors of the blog. I'll definitely be limited to one post per day, and it may not come in the morning like usual. Hopefully I'll be back to a regular schedule by next Tuesday.

In the last game of the homestand, Sunday against KC, Robbie 'The Crow' Cano reached a milestone where A-Rod failed. With two outs in the bottom of the 9th, he ripped a change-up down the right field line. It hopped into the seats for a ground rule double, and his hit tally offically increased to 1,000. The significance is not lost on Robbie:

"It's one of my dreams come true," said Cano, who went 2-for-5 for the game. "That's something you care about. I ain't gonna lie. I'm the kind of guy that sometimes -- you know what, I look at my stats to see how I do."

You can also see video of the hit at that MLB link. There were only a smattering of fans left at the ballpark to see the milestone, due to a long rain delay, but those who remained saw him become the third-fastest Yankee to reach that total. Only Mattingly and Jeter were quicker.

At the end of a long day of packing, and watching A-Rod try to get home run #600, it was a sweet consolation to see him reach down and pull the change down the line. It was a typical Robbie hit; the bat reached well out of the strike zone, the timing was slightly off, and the pitcher made the right pitch selection, but none of it mattered because of Cano's ridiculous talent. Granted, this is not how every Cano hit comes about. Sometimes he crushes a pitch in the zone, and he's been increasingly patient at the plate. But for a landmark achievement, it was appropriate for Robbie to dig down to his roots.

In other news, it looks increasingly like the probe into UNC football won't result in any suspensions or disciplinary action, which is fantastic. Apparently, the NCAA investigation was started when defensive tackle Marvin Austin posted something on twitter that made it sound like he was getting free alcohol. He wrote: "I live in club LIV so I get the tenant rate...bottles coming like its a giveaway." As you might guess, this was a rap lyric. This whole article is pretty unintentionally hilarious, with this part being my favorite:

Between Feb. 25 and March 8 (the exact date was not available on Google), Austin also lamented his lack of income.

He wrote: "Im [sic] so tired of being broke…somebody make it rain… where is packman [sic] jones when u need em."

"Make it rain" is a euphemism for throwing money, typically single $1 bills, at dancers in an exotic club, a maneuver made notorious by former NFL player Adam "Pacman" Jones.

The fandom is still on.

That's going to be it for today's short post. I apologize if I'm not in worldbeating mode this week. I'll try to trot out some dandies later on.

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