Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Interestingly enough, my throat was scalded yesterday when I tried to swallow a certain food item and its accompanying gravy a bit too quickly. I stood up from the table, shouted an obscenity, and grimaced while it cooled off. No permanent damage, but I bet you can guess what it was. That's right...


You'll have to trust me that the potato in that picture is scalding.

(In case anyone is curious, this is a simple game where people pick the points scored by a given player chosen by me before a Duke game. The difference between their pick and the actual points scored is their total for the day. Low score is better. If anyone misses a game, they get the average score of that game plus 3. If anyone hits the nail on the head, they get a -3 bonus. People can join at any time since we use an average rather than a total. You can view the current standings at the bottom of this post.)

The Hot Potato for Duke vs. UNC-Greensboro is:

Nolan Smith

Submit your picks by game time, and we'll all get rowdy.

-What's got two thumbs and is now 10-1 picking bowl games? This guy. (Looks down, remembers my tragic thumb accident, blushes furiously.) I nailed NC State over West Virginia and Iowa over Missouri last night (both upsets), and today I've got ECU over Maryland, Baylor over Illinois, and Arizona over Oklahoma State. Take note, gamblers.

-Remember all the shit I was talking yesterday about being awesome at Dance Central on Kinect? Well, I bought the game around 3pm, brought it home, set it up, and proceeded to get whupped by my mom. It was like she had practiced beforehand. My dancing ego took a serious hit. At the same time, my girlfriend took a 3 games to 2 lead on me in our Scrabble series. I'm getting defeated by females left and right this vacation.

-Teixeira says Andy Pettitte is going to retire. I was hoping it wouldn't come to this, but it looks like Robinson Cano will have to pitch for us this year.

-Kim Jong-Il is very pleased that amazing Harrison Barnes scored excellent 9 points to defeat mighty Rutgers.

-The Cuse is still undefeated. I'm seeing them play Notre Dame on the 1st. Woo.

-Wisconsin defended their house against Minnesota in a top-25 match-up. My stepfather told me he won't root for Minnesota because of this incident:

I had no idea this happened. Absolutely brutal. According to Wikipedia, this is when the NCAA banned pre-game dunks when refs aren't present.

-I'm not totally clear on the math, but does Philadelphia's loss last night mean that Chicago can rest their starters against Green Bay? They definitely get a bye no matter what, but I think they still might be playing for homefield advantage throughout. If not, that screws the already-pretty-screwed Giants, who need the Packers to lose.

-On the topic of tonight's game, UNC-Greensboro is 0-11. Duke is 11-0. I really don't need to say more, I guess. I'll be watching Seth Curry run the point to see if that's a viable option, and it'd be nice to see Miles Plumlee get on track. Other than that, I'm just glad a brutal December is almost over. ACC play begins with Miami on January 2!

That's it for today. Have a strong Wednesday, and be smart with your decisions. GO DUKE!


  1. 14 points for Nolan.


    PS: Don't tell me how to make my decisions.

  2. 17 for Nolan.

    Maybe if you didn't dance and play scrabble at the same time you might be respectable at one of them.

  3. 21 for KNOWlan smITh. Let the curse continue!

  4. Jacob "The Destroyer"December 29, 2010 at 11:37 AM

    Gonna bet low.... 15 for Smith.

  5. KNOW IT is a fantastic nickname for Nolan. I don't think I had a great one for him before this. Well done, Jonny.

    Shane takes 25. Go big or go home. Girlfriend takes 17.

    Emu, don't make me choose between my two great passions.


  6. 19 for Nolan


  7. It will be so good to see this season's Giants fade into obscurity so we no longer have to see them mentioned here (please, no eulogy - they don't deserve it).

    On a brighter note: Nolan distributes tonight, limiting himself to a mere 13.

  8. I don't think Blogspot wants me participating in Hot Potato, or any other comment-based fun, because it keeps eating my delightfully funny (open to interpretation, I guess) comments about how cute Nolan Smith is.

    Anyway, maybe it wants less editorializing.

    Fine, Blogspot. You win. 19 for the completely objectively whatever Nolan Smith.

  9. 23 pts
    for a bonus
    4 assists
    2 steals
    1 nice crossover
    1 block
    3 nasty dunks
    1 partridge in a pear tree. (not the bird, a member of the family)

  10. 14 for Nolan Smith, this turns into a route and the scoring will be spread evenly.

    and I think wednesday is a fairly arbitrary day for making good decisions.

    -Craig J.

  11. and by route i actually mean rout.

    -Craig J.

  12. 16 points for Nolan tonight....merry after christmas and happy pre-new years. Maybe 2011 be filled with greater dance prowess than your mom has.

  13. Thank you Laura. Best of luck with your dancing in 2011 as well. Tom says 22.


  14. 26 points
    10 assists
    -dick k

  15. Happy to help Shane. I still crack up every time I think about Plumdog Billionaire (and a ton of other crazy things you come up with).