Friday, June 25, 2010

Revenge Time

No need for words. Tomorrow, it's US-Ghana. Revenge for '06. A continuation of the run for glory. It's gonna go down, my brothers.

How about some videos to get us there. First, here's a compilation of reactions to Donovan's goal:

Next, you can watch Donovan's goal overlaid with Andres Cantor's radio call here. Cantor is the 'GOLLLLLLLLLLLLL!' guy. It's awesome.

And here are a couple of the greatest World Cup goals of all time. First, Bergkamp. Watch the ridiculous control when they show the replay.

Second, Maradona. A lot of people call this the greatest goal ever.

Lastly, some Johan Cruyff highlights. He was Dutch, one of the greatest ever, a thin whippet of a man, and insanely fun to watch. I would love to know the circumstances behind the goal at the 4:35 mark.

Yanks-Dodgers this weekend, and on Sunday it's England-Germany at 10am. If I remember correctly, those two teams have no history in the World Cup, and they've gotten along along really well historically. See you Monday, and Go America!

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