Friday, June 11, 2010

Weekend Prep, the Cup Runneth Over

An awesome start to the World Cup today, as South Africa earned a tie with the hated* Mexican team. I've been watching the matches on internet streams all day, and let me tell you, it's...okay. Uruguay and France are tied at 0 in the 35th minute as I type, and my early prediction of Uruguay-South Africa as the teams that advancing isn't looking horrible.

*by me.

Of course, that prediction is based on zero actual knowledge. And thus far, Uruguay looks kinda horrible. It seems like a game that should end with France winning 3-0, but it's still 0-0, and it's still soccer, so who knows. Uruguay has a dude named Diego Forlan who I bet has no trouble finding girls. Make of that what you will.

Some new additions to the South Africa Crisis Watch List:

-6 people hurt in a stampede incident at the World Cup concert last night.

-3 British died in a bus accident outside the World Cup host city of Nelspruit. Not strictly World Cup related, but it does showcase the infrastructure problems.

-Nelson Mandela's great-grandaughter was killed in a car accident while coming home from a concert. This kept the political icon from attending opening ceremonies today. Sad stuff.

In other news, the Yanks host the Astros this weekend in another series we should win. Roy Oswalt will not be pitching. But Javy Vazquez will. Call it a wash.

That's it for the week. I don't need to tell you what's happening tomorrow. Get your patriotic colors on, and warm up the vocal chords. It's time for national glory. I dare you not to shed a tear at this absolutely beautiful digital rendering of a waving American flag.


  1. Diego Forlan looks like an Uruguayan Bradley Cooper.

  2. That is actually spot on. Well done.