Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Let's Get Premature: the 4-20 Watch

Time for some sports, eh? First things first, let's make an absurd early prediction that will probably become mathematically impossible sometime in mid-July:

The Yankees will have at least 3 20-game winners this season.


Right now, after AJ's kickass performance yesterday, our top 4 guys are 15-1. We have 4 of the top 11 pitchers in the AL by earned run average. Our offense is good enough to earn them some cheapie wins when they aren't at their best. So far, they've been at their best.

Now, is it likely we'll field 3 20-game winners? No. Is it possible?

I ask ye why not.

Let's get to it. I need a fancy name for this feature, which I'll revisit more than once over the season. How about the 4-20 Watch? We're tracking 4 guys, all of whom are seeking 20 victories. And the best part is, it's a secret marijuana reference, earning me credibility with the counterculture people. Time for the first installment.

The 4-20 Watch







That was fun. And by the way, you could do the same thing for the St. Louis Cardinals. Wainwright and Carpenter have 4 wins apiece, and Penny and Garcia have 3 each. The lowest ERA among the bunch is 2.84.

Now for the bad Yankee news: this team is old.

Jeter: Missed a game due to a strained quad.
Posada: Has to be rested all the time, missed two games when he was hit on the knee, and now might be on the DL because of a calf strain.
A-Rod: Missed a game due to knee soreness.
Rivera: Missed two games due to his left ribs.
Pettitte: Was just pulled from today's game after 5 strong innings and 77 pitches for mysterious reasons.

Old dudes are gonna be old; it's a way of life. And luckily, the younguns are stepping it up in their absence. But we'll need those guys healthy to defend our title. If the injuries stay minor, that's great. If things get worse and long DL stints await, it will take its toll.

But there's more good news; we're about to sweep the Orioles (6-1 after 6), and take some good momentum into Boston. And Andy's going to add a win to the 4-20 Watch, despite a possible injury. Until tomorrow, fans.

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