Thursday, May 13, 2010

Verlander is Stingy and Cruel

The guy's basically unhittable right now. 3-0 Detroit in the bottom of the 6th, and he's thrown 98 pitches, so he's good for at least one more inning. For the good guys, CC has 56 pitches through 5 innings. This has complete game loss written all over it.


-Here's a story about a 22 year-old Haitian who pretended to be 16 so he could play high school basketball. Surprisingly, the Texas high school (an athletic powerhouse) didn't fully check his credentials during their state playoff run.

-The Duke Athletic Department makes 71 million dollars in revenue each year, good for 25th overall. You can read the article here, and the list is on page 2. Texas is #1 with $138 million in revenue. In an interesting coincidence, this list was compiled for Sports Illustrated by a 16 year-old Haitian Pulitzer Prize winner.

-The Devils were the only Final Four team not to make some kind of weird NCAA academic progress rate all-star list. Apparently Michigan State and West Virginia are smarter than us. This doesn't upset me; it's hard to compete academically against a team run by Bob Huggins. I've heard he still gives Kenyon Martin random late-night calls to quiz him on geography and physics.

(Thanks to Emily, Patricia, and Mike for the links)

-Here's a blog and tumblr my friend Spike made about Derek Jeter hating Jewish people. Pretty convincing, I must say. And Spike is Jewish himself, so he can identify the look.

Meanwhile, it's 6-0 Tigers and we're about to drop 3 of 4 in Motown. This series can't end fast enough. Unfortunately, Minnesota is next. And then Boston. And then Tampa. Then the Mets. The Minnesota again. Seriously, do we ever play Kansas City?

Cavs-Celts tonight. See you tomorrow.

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