Friday, May 28, 2010

Young Hearts Be Free Tonight!

I was just g-chatting with someone, and mentioned that my girlfriend and I were meeting up with another friend and his wife for dinner, and HOLY FUCKING SHIT I'M OLD.

Meeting up with married couples? The only way I should be meeting up with married couples is if I'm taking my parents on a senior citizen play date, you heard?

Seriously, I need to do something really young. I need to find a tire and burn it in front of a 7/11. I need to collect every traffic cone in town and put them all on a teacher's lawn. I need to read 'Atlas Shrugged' and think it's a good book.

I am going to a Yankee game, though, which is some solace. And speaking of young hearts, two news items of note:

1) Rafa advanced to the third round with another easy straight sets win. He'll take on Lleyton Hewitt next. You can see some of his press conference at that link.

2) Did you like 2009's "Joba Rules"? Then you're going to love this year's edition: Hughes Rules! Coming soon to a horribly frustrating baseball season near you!

That's all for the week. Orlando tries to make history tonight, and the Suns struggle for survival on Saturday. There may be a weekend post, or there may not. We'll see. In exciting news, Nick the Contributor has mentioned possibly writing something about Duke in the voice of Tupac Shakur. That's either going to be completely amazing or a total train wreck. I'm hoping for both.

Until next time, here are the top 5 Rod Stewart songs that will make you emotional.

5) Sailing
4) Forever Young
3) Young Turks
2) Maggie May
1) Ooh La La (only kind of a Rod Stewart song...he was in a group called The Faces, who wrote and performed it, and he covered it later in his career. This was the closing credits song in "Rushmore.")

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