Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Robbie is Player of the Month, and Links

*No surprises here. Robbie wins Player of the Month for April. Liriano gets pitcher of the month. Kelly Johnson and Ubaldo Jimenez took the honors in the NL.

*This is stupid. The way the Knicks franchise is run, Mike Brown is the guy we should really be looking at. What a joke. If your team is lethargic, it's your fault. What NBA team can't get pumped for a quarterfinal playoff game against one of their eastern rivals? And if they can't, chastising them over a film session won't help. Talk about closing the barn door after the horse left. Suddenly, Boston looks really good in this one.

*Speaking of the Celts, GM Danny Ainge is now in the business of distracting opposing players by waving towels. Not to be outdone, fellow GM Theo Epstein has vowed to moon any opposing hitter who dares reach base against the vaunted Red Sox defense.

*And Boston just keeps getting classier: the Bruin who actually bit a Philadelphia Flyer's finger says it's no big deal. Seriously, though, it was a Boston-Philadelphia series. If someone getting bit on the finger is the worst that happens, it's a slow year.

*Kyrie Irving is the sickness. Check out the 40-second mark to see him nutmeg a fool. Thanks to Nick for the video.

*Hey, anyone up for some memories?

That's it for today. Bless your hearts.

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