Tuesday, April 13, 2010

3-0 Yanks, 6th Inning: Over

It's 3-0 Yankees in the bottom of the sixth, and there's no conceivable way we can lose this game.

(I'm testing for a blog jinx. It's sort of like a yearly physical. You feel good, but you still want that clean bill of health.)

A couple odds and ends on this overcast afternoon.

*Robbie Cano is 2-3 with a single and a double. Just saying.

*I'm an avid reader of The New Yorker. For the past five years or so, I've read pretty much every issue cover to cover. An hour ago, I finished reading an article that became my all-time favorite. It's called "The Pink Panthers," by David Samuels, about a group of Balkan jewel thieves who have set up an enormous crime syndicate and pulled off amazing heists all over the world. You can read the abstract here, but unfortunately it's not available online. But if you like quality journalism, I highly suggest buying the April 12th issue. You'll be getting some bang for your buck; it also features a story by Jon Lee Anderson, a badass reporter who basically throws himself into the worst spots in Africa and emerges with a great story, and a baseball piece by Ben McGrath.

Samuels also has a collection of journalism called "Only Love Can Break Your Heart," which I'll be buying on the strength of this article.

*Hey, it's time for a LIVE BLOG of Robbie Cano's 4th at bat. It's the first ever SCSD live blog done by radio.

3:21: A-Rod just picked up 2 RBI.

3:21: Jesus, some woman just came in to make copies so I can't hear the radio. I know there are two men on.

3:22: Is she making a lot of copies, you ask? Yes.

3:22: She stopped just in time for me to hear that he popped out to center field. I love this place.

*Last, here's a video of a couple Pink Panther thieves escaping from inside a mall in Dubai via two getaway Audis. The cars broke through the front gate of the mall, then rammed the jewelry store. The whole thing took less than two minutes.

This is now a jewel thief blog!!

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