Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It's Opening Day in the Bronx, and the Yanks are getting their rings! Here's a picture of our last World Series ring, from 2000:

Pretty nice. And a lot more team-oriented than the strange Red Sox ring from '07, designed by Beckett:

Weird choice.

Dandy Andy will be on the hill this afternoon, facing Irving Santana (I know his name is actually spelled 'Ervin,' but my way makes him sound more like a 90-year-old man) and the Angels. In a happy coincidence, this means Hideki the Hit Monster Matsui will be on hand to receive a ring. Hopefully he's allowed to come out for the ceremony; sometimes when players are on a new team, it's deemed inappropriate. Either way, the Yankee faithful will give him a nice ovation, and he'll be treated as the reigning World Series MVP should.

A few asterisks:

*In case you missed it, I'll be attending UNC this fall. This should not change the blog in any significant way, except that I may become a UNC football fan.

*The Seattle Mariners, darlings of baseball junkies everywhere, are off to a 2-6 start. I'm inclined to believe smarter baseball minds when they tell me that Jack Zduriencik is one of the savvier GMs in the game, but this Milton Bradley business is a huge mistake. I mean, we're 8 games in, and the guy's already flipping fans the bird and angrily destroying bats and requiring special meetings with the manager? To top it off, he's batting .045 and dealing with the same mental/pressure problems he faced while batting clean-up for the Cubs.

This won't end well. My friend Spike is a huge Mariners fan and a main source of information, and the justification he offered was that the organization hoped Griffey could act as a big brother/mentor and curb Bradley's bad behavior. Which seems kinda like a prayer to me. Two of my stepfather's favorite expressions come to mind: "you can't teach brains" and "you can't make chicken salad out of chicken shit." Guys like this always seem to become even bigger problems when the team loses, so Ms fans better hope the ship gets turned around.

A lot of words to spend on a team that isn't even in the AL East, you say? Well, for whatever reason, the Mariners have a solid presence in the blogosphere. Every morning, I like to read two Ms blogs in particular: Lookout Landing and USS Mariner. High quality baseball writing, right there. It's a fun team to follow, especially with the way they've tried to gear up for a big run this season. Again, I have Spike to thank for the links.

*This is old news, but Bill Simmons wrote a solid article about sabermetrics a week ago that might finally deliver these stats to the masses. Personally, I love looking at sites like Fangraphs, and I can spend hours reading about WAR and VORP and especially UZR (seriously, the people who came up with UZR- a defensive metric- are awesome). I find this stuff really valuable, and I've made a vow to study it even more this year, so I gain at least a slight understanding of how each one is compiled.

*Off topic: why is it that people in offices feel the need to say "good morning" in weird, theatrical, or annoying ways? It's become like a fucking coat of arms, or something. This is how you know me! I'm the lady who sings "good morning" with an obnoxious, high-pitched lilt! Please don't confuse me with the other lady who manages to hit like four different octaves with her incredibly slow rendition! That's Jennifer! The thin Jennifer! The fat Jennifer is the one who repeats it three times fast while waving her hands around!

It's the worst possible way to start my day. It does the opposite of its stated intention; it makes the morning bad. I want to post a sign that says "please stop saying 'good morning' like an asshole. If you're unclear on how to manage this, please stop by my office. I'll say 'good morning' like a normal human, and you can imitate me until you have it right." But that would be a long sign.

*I was listening to Mike Francesa yesterday (not by choice- I was in a car), and he actually made a good point: screw Lebron. The NBA sucks anyway, but I'm getting awfully sick of hearing New Yorkers beg him to come. Francesa brought up the fact that Knicks fans were starting an e-mail campaign, thinking it might woo him. It's pathetic, and unbecoming of the Big Apple. At this point, I would rather he didn't come. I would rather he stayed in Cleveland and continued not winning championships, and the Knicks put together a good team and owned him for the next ten years or so. Screw Lebron. Give me Stephen Curry.

*DID I MENTION IT'S OPENING FUCKING DAY!?!?! For the next two afternoons, I get to listen to baseball games on the radio at work. Which isn't as nice as getting to watch them in person or even on tv, but it will make the day go by faster. I'll take it. Get in the mood, baby!

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