Thursday, April 29, 2010

Morning: Sick Day

This will be the first and last post of the day, friends. It's a sick day.

1. First Yankee tickets of the season are PURCHASED. Friday night, Andy and Robbie do horrible things to the ChiSox, and I'll bear witness.

2. Robbie is now batting .390 after a 2-5 night that included a home run and two line outs. This is getting epic.

3. CC moved up to 3-1 with an average (for him) performance against the Orioles. He'll take the easy win. If he stays healthy and goes through his usual super-hot stretch in the summer, 20 wins looks pretty likely.

4. Question from the girlfriend: how many teams have never won a World Series? Turns out there are 8:

Padres, Rockies, Astros, Brewers, Rays, Mariners, Rangers, Nationals. Those last three have never appeared.

5. Francisco Cervelli is quietly hitting .444 with an OBP of .524. He's not eligible or anything, I'm just saying...

Slick AJ tries to win the series in Baltimore tonight. Brief entry OVER. Here's something that's both brief and cool.

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