Friday, April 16, 2010

Morning: Jackie Robinson Cano Day

Last night, the Yanks honored Jackie Robinson by presenting a bouquet of flowers to his widow, and Sweet Robbie honored the man he was named for by jacking two. Granderson added two triples, Jeter homered, and the Yanks won their third straight series against a quality opponent.

Not a bad night. Phil Hughes started for the first time, and did just okay. He lasted into the sixth and picked up the win, but it took him 108 pitches and 5 walks to get there. His fastball velocity numbers were okay; an average of 92.08, with a peak of around 94. Which is pretty much par for the course in his career as a starter. As a reliever last year, both of those numbers were about 2 mph higher.

For their efforts in the first 9 games, the Yanks get a solid A-. Let's hope we can keep the ship rolling against Texas, who come in to town tonight having to face CC, AJ, and Andy.


I actually do like the playoffs, so maybe that sarcasm wasn't appropriate. But I have literally no idea what has been happening in the NBA this year. I'm assuming Cleveland is like a 2 or 3 seed, and will lose in the conference finals and make everyone in Cleveland even more depressed, and the Lakers will win the title again.

Just looked, and I'm wrong about the Cavs. They apparently have the best record in all of basketball. But they'll have to play Boston in the second round, which seems like a tough draw, and then either Atlanta or Orlando. The Magic, you'll recall, beat them last year. Should be interesting. For more expert analysis, please send me a self-addressed stamp envelope with 300 hundred dollars and a fake passport.

I shall now end this trifling blog post. More material later, when I have fewer middle-aged women all up in my shit.


  1. Celtics are showing their age, should't be a challenge for Lebron. Orlando has the best record since the All-star break. Hawks are solid, but I think the Magic will roll.

    Lakers haven't looked spectacular over the 2nd half of the season. Injuries all over the west. Could be literally anyone out of the west.

    East Finals: Cavs-Orlando
    West Finals: Who knows...

  2. Does OKC have any shot at beating the Lakers? That would be fun.


  3. I agree. Durant is one of my favorite players in the league.

    On paper the Lakers are definitely the better team, but they've been underwhelming of late. Then again, it's the playoffs...time for Kobe to do his thing.

    I think Oklahoma can make it a series, mainly riding on Durant's back, but ultimately it will be tough for them to win 4/7 against LA.