Friday, April 30, 2010

The A-Rod Blog is LAUNCHED!

Friends, readers, lovers:

The A-Blog, Alex Rodriguez's official internet diary, is ready to be viewed. Read about his crazy exploits, dramatic adventures, and mundane issues...

For those of you who are url fans, it's:

For those who love link sections, you can find it on the sidebar to the left.

I've posted 7 of the old blogs here, and I've posted those and like 8 others on the new A-Blog, along with a new post. Starting next week, you can expect daily or semi-daily posts with stories and opinions from our favorite anti-hero. I've heard, but can't confirm, that A-Rod likes to post in the afternoon.

Take a visit, tell your friends, and print out tiny leaflets to drop in and around your town. I'm off to Yankee Stadium to watch Andy and The Holy Crow get rude with the ChiSox. Have an awesome weekend.

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