Friday, April 9, 2010

Scheyer Gets Prankish, and Tiger Ain't Vanishing

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*Through 14, Tiger is -5 at Augusta, 4 off the lead. That link is to Jason Sobel's Masters blog, which is making this lengthy Friday slightly more bearable. You can also watch Tiger live by clicking his little red camera icon on the ESPN leaderboard.

Meanwhile, Lee Westwood is scorching. He's -4 through 7 holes and threatening to build himself a nice big lead going into the weekend. Couples and Watson seem to be fading, as old men are wont to do.

*Jon Scheyer hatched a pretty nice prank on his buddy in the wee hours after winning the title. Like most good pranks, this one took place on Twitter. Scheyer tweeted his phone number, and told everyone to "holler" at him. Except it wasn't really his number; it belonged to his high school friend Zach Kelly, who went on to receive over 2,000 text messages. Luckily, all of them were from congratulatory well-wishers.

*On a semi-related topic, my aunt and I made a bet before the Final Four, and now she's welching. She's a WVU alum, so we decided that the loser of Saturday's game would have to post a facebook profile picture of them holding a sign. I think mine was going to be "Huggins for President," and hers was "Coach K is my hero." But she's not doing it! How do I handle this? Should I press it, or just be happy with the win? I want to see that picture!

*Butler coach Brad Stevens wants to play us in the regular season next year. Bring it on, bitch! Anytime, anywhere!^

^Cameron Indoor Stadium, noon, the day after you play a night game in Indiana.

*Tiger just birdied 15! -6! And he did it with a long putt, just like on 13. He's getting hot. Look out world!

*Coming Monday: a Seth Curry Saves Duke! announcement that will shock, horrify, and titillate you! Prepare to be left gasping!

*Tonight is our first chance to see Vasquez in a Yankee uniform. (What? He pitched for us before? In an important situation? Hmmm, doesn't ring a bell.) Saturday, Hughes takes his first start. And we're playing my least favorite team: The Tampa Bay Rays. Yes, I hate them even more than Boston. They were always annoying even when they stunk, and since their runner-up year they've become real pests. In the final series of the regular season last year, they plunked Teixeira hard to send a message that he wasn't going to win the home run crown over Carlos Pena. Meanwhile, their sorry souls were going home when the weekend was over. The fact that they'd risk hurting one of our top guns before the playoffs sealed the deal: Tampa gets the black cross.

Have a spectacular Master's weekend.


  1. Dude, you are amazing. I just started reading this a couple of days ago, and i must say, you may be the funniest guy ive ever heard of. Keep kickin ass.

  2. You are writing the blog I am trying to write