Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The ACC Regular Season Championship Game


Duke at Maryland, 9pm, for all the marbles. Well, I guess we'll technically be tied if they win, and will probably split the title. But it'll feel like more like a loss for us, and more like a win for them. So for all intents and purposes, the showdown in College Park is the last word.

Have I mentioned that I sort of hate Maryland? Probably. It's never far from my mind, especially this time of year.

We have to shut down Vasquez. End of story. Do that, and they don't have anybody else who can beat us. He'll probably haul up 30 shots tonight, which is fine. We just have to make sure we're in his face enough that most of those don't fall through.

Offensively, ball movement and fast break chances are our friends. Zoubek needs to step up and have another big game.

I realize this isn't scorching analysis, but the truth is that the Dukies are far superior, and it will take a fluke, even on the road, for them to lose. We're just playing too well. I'm not expecting another 20-point win, like when the teams played at Cameron, but I don't think 12-15 points is out of the question. So I'll make a 72-59 prediction.

Spear the Turtle, baby. This is for the title. Possible tape-delay blog tomorrow. Here's that douchebag Dave Neal flopping against the future ACC Player of the Year:

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