Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thoughts, Links, Linked Thoughts, and Unchained Melodies

As I mentioned in the morning post, the McDonald's All-American high school game is tonight at 8:00. Kyrie Irving is the lone Duke recruit, but word has it he's ready to take over from day one. He'll be playing for the east, and Harrison Barnes, UNC's stud, will be playing for the west. Irving will be teamed with two other UNC recruits: Kendall Marshall and Reggie Bullock. Here's an interesting video of them bs'ing with each other in a good-natured 'smackdown':

My thoughts:

1) I like Kyrie's personality a lot.

2) Reggie Bullock seems okay, but he will get his just deserts for attempting to talk shit about Baby Dawk and Sing.

3) Harrison Barnes is a control freak. Notice the way he commands the mic, and looks very uncomfortable when it's out of his hands. He also alludes to his NBA prospects twice, a sign that he may be more self-concerned than most, and is at the very least more self-aware than your average high school senior. Keep in mind, this is the recruit who held a press conference to announce his college decision, an unprecedented and possibly egotistical move for someone of his unproven stature. I'm already intrigued; it seems like he could either flame out when things don't go his way, or be the type of obsessive personality who becomes truly great. Let the Harrison Barnes era begin!

Other things:

*Pat Venditte, the Yankees switch-pitcher made an appearance in spring training yesterday, pitching an inning and a third and giving up one run on two hits and a walk. I consider this a pretty sweet novelty. He even has a special glove that lets him switch hands quickly. Now if only he were good!

*Minnesota Twin Denard Span fouled off a pitch against the Yanks this afternoon, and the ball went into the stands and hit his mother. Seriously. It bruised her chest, and after being treated with paramedics she was back in the stands (she went to the hospital later as a precautionary measure, but seems okay). This is kind of like the Greek myth of Perseus, when he fulfilled a prophecy by the oracle of Delphi by accidentally killing his grandfather, also in the stands, with a discus. Except this time, I was the oracle, and I SAID MAUER, NOT MOTHER. MAUER!

*Roy Williams is picking Duke to win it all. He also refers to himself in the third person, and calls himself a "spoiled little brat." And you have to love this quote from Marcus Ginyard, offering an alternate perspective: "Any time Duke is doing well," he said, "it hurts my heart."

*You know that douchebag Doug Gottlieb who called us "alarmingly unathletic" and said that the refs gave Duke their victory Baylor? Apparently Jim Boeheim hates him too.

It seems Gottlieb spent his freshman year of college by stealing a roommate's credit card and charging over nine hundred dollars. He was kicked out of Notre Dame for the indiscretion, and convicted of misdemeanor fraud. Eddie Sutton graciously picked him up at Oklahoma State, where he had a decent career. In gratitude for this second chance, Gottlieb was the first to call for Sutton's resignation after he was arrested for a DWI. After he decided to take Syracuse to task for an easy non-conference schedule, Boeheim made it a point to bring up the credit card scandal at every chance. Which is hilarious.

Doug Gottlieb: A Rat to the Core.

*My fantasy baseball draft is tonight, and I'm woefully unprepared. Who is considered good in baseball these days? Does Don Mattingly still play? Seriously, though, the offensive categories are HR, R, OBP, RBI, and SB. I should get mostly power guys and concede stolen bases, right? I'm terrified. See you tomorrow.

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