Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Linkeroo Jam

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Here are some things you may find fascinating.

1 - An article from the NYTimes Sunday mag about how Tiger Woods was a kind of economic bubble for golf, and how that bubble is now collapsing. And by the way, get ready to have your mind blown: the article is from this Sunday's mag, not last week! It's from the future!

2 - Pat Forde drops some class anti-Duke humor on ESPN:

But for a sizable section of Hoopsworld, the Blue Devils win too much, are on TV too much, are celebrated by the media too much, get too many calls, got too little NCAA backlash for Corey Maggette, are overrated by the NCAA selection committee too often and are just a little too pleased with themselves.

In other words, Duke thinks it is perfect. And in this instance, it is: the perfect team to root against in the South.

Actually, don't even click on that link. The rest of the article isn't any less awful.

3 - More Zoubek talk. The national obsession continues.

4 - I was reminded today of the epic Pippen over Ewing dunk. I hated Pippen back then, and I still kinda do. But this was one of the all-timers.

5 - What's the most epic game of rock, paper, scissors you've ever played? It's not a frequent event in my life, but last night I played with my girlfriend in order to avoid a chore, and we threw out the same thing 6 friggin' times. On the 7th go, I actually went so far as to anticipate what I was going to throw out (scissors), and then changed to rock to beat myself. And it worked! Incredible. It was best-of-3, and the loss took so much out of her that she threw out a weak paper in round 2 and got cut to pieces on the first move.

Super-special Sweet 16 picks tomorrow.

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