Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pac-10 Genius Analysis

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I hope that looks a bit nicer than the other spreadsheets.

I've seen exactly one Pac-10 team play this year, and it was in person. That was back in November, and Cal was traveling to MSG to play Syracuse. At the time, the Bears were ranked 13th, and Syracuse was nowhere to be seen. Needless to say, the Orange kicked their ass 95-73. Since then, Cal has dropped totally from the rankings. But guess what? They're still #1 in their conference. From these facts you can deduce that the Pac-10 doesn't boast a single ranked team.

I learned from this link that when Cal first dropped out in January, it was the first time the Pac-10 had nobody in the top 25 since 1986. So in this year's conference tourney, pretty much anything could happen.

PAC-10 Hoops: Inspiring Generic Analysis Across the East Coast

Originally, I just said screw it and picked Oregon State to go all the way. Why? The Obama connection. Craig Robinson is the Beaver coach, and Michelle Obama is his sister. But with a lot of money at stake in my pool, that seemed dumb. Instead, I just looked at each team's last six games. Washington has won four in a row, including three on the road. They're also sort of on the bubble, I guess, so theoretically they'll be playing with urgency. And they beat Cal handily at home this year, so they're definitely capable of winning this thing.

IT'S HUSKIE TIME, BABY! Just don't ask me to name any of their players.

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