Thursday, March 11, 2010

Today's Google Searches

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In what may become a new feature, since it requires almost no effort from me, I will share with my reading public some of the google searches that led unsuspecting souls to my blog. These are all true and verbatim, taken from my statcounter page. Most of the google searches are either people searching for information about Seth Curry, or just googling my blog title to get here. But occasionally there are some random dandies. I'm only doing the funny ones. Here we go!

March 11th:

"What is on the test to play basketball in 7th grade?" led to this post. This is one poor kid who will never make his middle school basketball team.

"Second American basketball player at Duke" led to this post. I have zero idea what this search could mean, unless someone out there is into really arcane and nonsensical Duke historical trivia.

"Seth Curry Duke how's he doing" led straight to the home page. I kinda just like the conversational tone of this googler. 'Hey man whatup google yo I got a quick question for you homes you remember that dude Seth Curry come on you know who I mean the Duke transfer yeah man that's the one how's he doing these days always liked him real good guy.'

March 10th:

"Greg Hansbrough height" led to this post. No help again, unless the searcher meant "Greg Hansbrough height of comical sibling abuse anecdotes," which may not be the case.

"Scoop Jardine wearing the space jams" led to this post. That Jardine, he's a free spirit. Everyone else on Syracuse has to wear the normal uniform, but Scoop wears the space jams. It's actually kinda creepy; especially the crotch plate.

"Mason Plumlee girlfriend" led to this post, where I spend 2,000 words explicitly threatening Mason Plumlee's girlfriend.

"America America God shed his grace on thee" just led to my blog. The searcher was from Slovenia, and it was a blog search, not a google search, but in any case I think I'm now officially part of the Tea Party movement.

"A poem about Jon Scheyer" led to this post. This one is kinda unbelievable. There was actually someone out there, apparently, who legitimately wanted to see if there was a poem about Jon Scheyer. Well, my friend, you have come to the right place. Hope you like your poems disturbing!

"Timothy Burke Stephen Curry" led to this post. I imagine this is the first and last time in history that anybody will simultaneously google a biathlete from my home town who didn't win any olympic medals and Stephen Curry, the North Carolina native who plays in the NBA.

That's all for now. See you at the end of Cuse-Georgetown game.


  1. This is my new favorite SCSD feature.

    I also like that it has mostly nothing to do with basketball. (Post-football, pre-baseball is a sort of rough time. Not for you or the blog, just for me.)

  2. Seth Curry had me laughing my ass off.