Monday, March 15, 2010

Only Two Things Come From Texas...

Steers, and brackets that give an unfair edge to the home-state team.


Thanks to my pal Brian for pointing out that Duke could potentially play a team from Texas in the Sweet 16 and Elite 8. We're talking A&M and Baylor. Those games, if they happen, will take place in Houston, Texas.

Why this matters:

1) It's doubtful that the fanbase of either club travels well. Now, they won't have to.

2) Every neutral fan in the place will root for the hometown boys if things get tight.

Why this doesn't matter:

1) Every neutral fan roots against Duke anyway.

Still, not fun. Texas already annoys me, with their arrogance and their lone star and their secession talk. It'd be massively irksome to watch a bunch of yokels in ten gallon hats hootin' and hollerin' for a sport the state consitution calls "The Running Field Goal Contest where the Kickers Use Their Hands."

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