Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Morning: A Sneaking Glance at the Future

Living in the present is good, even great, sometimes it's fun to move your eyes down the timeline and do a bit of anticipating. A little chicken counting, as country folk are wont to say. With that in mind, let's take a quick journey into...


Here's how my weekend and early week might play out:

Saturday: Duke beats West Virginia in the Final Four.

Sunday: CC out-duels Beckett in the first game of the regular season.

Monday: Duke wins the national title.

Tuesday-Wednesday: Yankees finish their sweep of the Sox.

That would be sweet, right? And since we're on this track, let's go ahead and continue voyage through time, all the way to...


The year is 2010, except later. November. Duke is coming off a national title. Kyrie Irving, our top recruit at point guard, is kicking ass and taking names. (Note: Irving has dominated the AAU circuit, and tonight he plays in the McDonald's All-American game, ESPN, 8pm. You can also see Harrison Barnes, UNC's stud recruit and supposedly the best player in the country.) When the Devils take the court for the '10-'11 campaign, this is their starting five:

Point Guard:

Shooting Guard:

Shooting Guard:

Power Forward:


That is quite a squad. It's got repeat written all over it. But I'm not content to stop there. Time travel is addicting, so let's get back in our vehicles and keep this party rocking all the way to...


The year is 2028. Russia has just begun their nuclear bomb campaign in Africa, Japan is on the verge of electing its fourth robot to parliament, and Canada is just a fond memory. But Duke basketball is thriving, with 8 straight titles and the best starting five in recent memory. Unfortunately, it's impossible to find images from the future, so I'll have to use their current photos.

Point Guard: Robin "Crazy Hands" Murphy, Freshman

Shooting Guard: Aramis "Vamos Mujeres!" Perez, Sophomore

Small Forward: Anton "Street Clown" Mayberry, Sophomore

Power Forward: Franklin "Dungaree" D'Mason, Senior

Center: Moses Plumlee, Senior

We're going to be so awesome! But enough future fun. It's time to go back to March 31, 2010, America...

Whew! Good to be back. However, I'm really scared about what kind of google hits I'll get for this post. Those baby photos might have just invited a really undesirable set of people into our little club (and I sincerely hope the IT people at my work are not monitoring my search history today). But traffic is traffic, right?!

My parents will be so proud. More later.

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